Top quality USA focal lens

Choosing the right lens is extremely important.

Proper adjustment of focus and focus alone are not enough for the desired alignment.

Equally important is choosing the right lens.

To choose the right lens, we need to keep in mind the following:

  • Performance of the laser source
  • Detail level of graphics
  • Resolution (dpi)
  • Material type
  • Material Thickness

Appropriate lens selection rule:

The more detailed and rich the plan is,

the smaller (in focus) the lens should be.

The thicker the material, the larger (in focus) the lens should be.

Technical features in simple terms:

Beam focus

The larger the focal length of the lens,

the greater the diameter of the beam.

The laser energy is focused by the lens

at a designated focal point.

The larger the focal length of the lens,

the larger the surface on which it is applied

and the laser beam.


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